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About Us

Our storefrontNot Just Ceramics Anymore!
The concept of our studio is fun and simple.
Best of all, it does not require any artistic talent whatsoever!

Our ceramics business that our store was built upon is not changing! We offer classes in mosaics, sculpture, canvas painting and clay building. Learn about art from the ground up. Understanding the techniques and history behind the methods of art taught is the first step in creating one of a kind masterpieces.

If ceramics is your thing, the process is simple…You come in, select a “raw” piece of pottery (there are hundreds to choose from), pick out paint colors, brushes, stencils, and sponges and paint your piece. While you’re painting, you can enjoy music, you can choose from soda or juices (bring-your-own beer and wine*) and even have food delivered or bring in breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Once you’re finished, we glaze and fire the piece for you to pick up in the next 5 days.

Our pottery is something you can use every day or put on your mantle. All our items are dishwasher- safe. Unlike plaster, you can eat off our items. You can see some of our items here.

Flower illustration


$6.00 for Children 12 and under, plus the cost of the piece

$8.00 for Adults, plus the cost of the piece

Fee includes: All Paints, Glazing, Firing, and use of our super cool sponges, stencils and creative brain joggers (ie. our printed resources)